Welcome to Alhadhaba

Our Philosophy

Our Goal

Creating an integrated work environment, through investing the highest competencies and human expertise, reinforced by the latest engineering and scientific techniques, to meet the needs and requirements of the market.

Our Value

The satisfaction of our customers is our first concern, so we seek to provide high professional quality, credibility and honesty, transparency and clarity, innovation and creativity, speed of performance and implementation, developing the skills of the technical and administrative staff of the company.

Our Vision

Successful planning, meticulous execution, innovative performance, high quality and great credibility, are the standards of our work that enhance our leadership of integrated services in the field of general contracting.

What We Do ?

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    Interior Design
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    Exterior Design
Al-Hadhaba Company offers its clients innovative and creative designs solutions at the highest levels. Interior design is the art of dealing with interior spaces to create the appropriate atmosphere for the void and achieve psychological comfort by distributing and employing interior design elements.
We combine luxury, beauty, comfort, economic, and practicality in our designs, concedering the hight quality designs production, we have no room to overlook small spaces and not take advantage of them,We look for the client's requirements and lifestyle to bring them out in the finest image.

What Do We Offer You?

Design & Planning

We will turn your dreams from paper into reality.

Custom Solutions

We offer creative solution possibilities to fulfill customers' requests.

Furniture & Decor

We include the furniture that reflects you in the structure of your dreams.

Beyond Time

We know you are different. We reflect your difference in our structures.

Creating a Concept

We can help you achieve aesthetically stunning results.


You will feel the Alhadhaba difference in the quality of our products.

Why Choose Us?

We do not hesitate to promise you more than your dreams with the experience we have gained in the sector and the signature we have put on more than one work. Because we provide more with the difference of Alhadhaba.

Superior Quality
Original Designs
Customer Satisfaction

Your Dream House

We build structures that reflect your spirit and dreams with designs unique to you. You can not postpone your dreams and take advantage of the Alhadhaba difference.

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